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Trenner Sportphysiotherapie

Your scientific private practice for physical therapy in an interdisciplinary center specializing in complex medical conditions.

Every individual is unique. We take the time to address your specific concerns. We offer services ranging from Physiotherapy and Neurorehabilitation to Sports Physiotherapy and Performance Diagnostics. Our patients benefit from the synergy of sports science, physiotherapy, neuroscience, and medicine at Nordic Science. Our conviction is that lasting success can only be achieved when employing a science-based and holistic approach.

Are you dealing with an acute injury, persistent ailments, or an unexplained drop-off in performance? Please contact us. No prescription or medical diagnosis is required for our first consultation.


Innovative, scientific Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation, Return-to-competition and Performance


Neurological rehabilitation and interdisciplinary diagnostics

Performance Diagnostics

Laboratory analyses, biomechanical diagnostics, ergometry and exercise planning

Institute & Science

Institute for Biomechanics
and Neuroscience

Science and research as the foundation of success

As one of the few centers in Germany, we have a close collaboration with colleges and universities. We conduct research, engage in teaching, and strive for further development of physiotherapy, always utilizing the most up-to-date therapy methods.
Furthermore, we are happy to share our knowledge with others. For those who are interested, we offer regular courses at our Institute for Biomechanics and Neuroscience. Our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs combine knowledge from orthopedics, neuroscience, and exercise therapy with practical case studies from our private physical therapy practice.

You can visit the pages of our institute for an overview of current studies and continuing education courses.

Universities and colleges with whom we work on research projects:

Why is applied neuroscience a significant part of our identity?

The Nordic Science approach is firmly anchored in neuroscience, which encompasses a wide range of different disciplines. Our nervous system controls all bodily functions and procedures pain perception and movement execution. Comprehending the functions of the nervous system is essential to identify the root cause of limitations and address them sustainably. Most recent findings from this field are used not only in the treatment of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, but also in the rehabilitation of chronic pain and sports injuries.

Our Team

Trenner Sportphysiotherapie
With us you will meet experts – professional and human.
Marc Niering
Marc NieringLeitung Wissenschaft
M.A. Sportwissenschaft
M. Sc. Neurorehabilitation
M. Sc. Psychologie
M. Sc. Angewandte Neurowissenschaft

Annika Hunfeld
Annika HunfeldPhysiotherapeutin
M. Sc. Biomechanik-Bewegungsanalyse
B. Sc. Interdisziplinäre Physiotherapie
Karolin Nölke
Karolin NölkePhysiotherapeutin
M. Sc. Sportphysiotherapie
B. Sc. Physiotherapie
PD Dr. med. Johanna Seifert
PD Dr. med. Johanna SeifertLeitung Medizin
Fachärztin für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie
Dr. Nacera Wolf-Belala
Dr. Nacera Wolf-BelalaLeitung Aus- und Weiterbildung
PhD Sport-Neurowissenschaft
M. Sc. Sportwissenschaft
Maike Köhler
Maike KöhlerPhysiotherapeutin
M.A. Arbeitswissenschaft
B. Sc. Physiotherapie
Finja Albrecht
Finja AlbrechtPhysiotherapeutin
M.A. Sportwissenschaft
B. Sc. Physiotherapie
Dr. Hans-Erik Scharfen
Dr. Hans-Erik ScharfenSportwissenschaftler
PhD Sport-Neurowissenschaft
M. Sc. Angewandte Neurowissenschaft
Karina Schaper
Karina SchaperFachkraft für Betriebliche Gesundheit
Fachkraft für Betr. Gesundheits­management
B. Sc. Sport & Exercise Science i.A.
Franziska Weber
Franziska WeberLeitung Organisation / BGM
Staatl. gepr. Betriebswirtin
Merle Hinrichs
Merle HinrichsSportwissenschaftlerin
B. Sc. Sportwissenschaft und Therapie
Lara Krämer
Lara KrämerStudentische Mitarbeiterin Universität Frankfurt a.M.
B.Sc. Sportwissenschaft
Julius Moormann
Julius MoormannStudentischer Mitarbeiter Universität Hannover
B.A. Sportwissenschaft
M. Sc. Sportwissenschaft i.A.
Marc-Arne Behrens
Marc-Arne BehrensStudentischer Mitarbeiter Universität Hildesheim
B.A. Sport, Gesundheit & Leistung
M. Sc. Sportwissenschaft i.A.

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