Performance diagnostics

Trenner Sportphysiotherapie

Based on data, experience and planning to peak performance

Our performance diagnostics are customized to meet the needs of each athlete and their respective sport. We conduct a comprehensive intake interview before each initial diagnosis to discuss the athlete’s goals and select and combine the most appropriate modules of our diagnostics.

Potential diagnostic modules:

  • Bicycle and treadmill ergometry
  • Biomechanical movement and technique analysis
  • Isometric and isokinetic diagnostics at the force measuring station
  • Muscle function analysis on EMG and force plates
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Sport psychological diagnostics
  • Neuropsychological diagnostics

We were able to prepare our athletes for various competitions:

Our Nordic Performance program is unique in Northern Germany. As a top sports center, we have designed a program tailored to the needs of athletes from different disciplines and levels of training.

Whether it’s soccer, rowing, golf, dancing, or rugby, we help athletes regain peak performance after injuries, overcome barriers, improve their mental game for competitions, and optimize their nutritional reserves.

Our commitment is to constantly incorporate the latest scientific findings into our work.

For this reason, we regularly collaborate with technical colleges and universities to research new training and treatment methods. To learn more about our ongoing research, please visit our institute.

We support athletes from various leagues and clubs:

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