Interdisciplinary physio and pain therapy

Trenner Sportphysiotherapie

For a long-term gain in quality of life.

We provide personalized treatment using the most advanced physiotherapy methods and techniques available. Our objective is to enhance your ability to move and function. We focus on long-term results by tailoring treatment to your goals and symptoms.

Our multidisciplinary and dedicated team utilizes extensive experience in the treatment of complex medical conditions. In particular, our multimodal pain therapy, which blends innovative physiotherapy with applied neuroscience, is aimed at treating individuals with chronic pain. Our experience and innovative ideas in diagnostics, as well as our research institute, are integrated into our treatment approaches, providing us a competitive advantage. Our commitment to your treatment doesn’t end when you leave our practice. We remain in constant communication with our network of healthcare specialists from various fields and can coordinate your therapy with your treating physician.

Areas of focus

Trenner Sportphysiotherapie

Chronic disease patterns in orthopaedics & neurology, multimodal pain therapy and sports rehabilitation


  • Physiotherapy | KGG

  • Manual therapy

  • Neurorehabilitation

  • Sports Physiotherapy DOSB

  • Return-to-play after sports injuries/sports concussion

  • Isokinetic functional diagnostics | diagnosis of imbalances

  • Neuromuscular Training | Sensorimotor Training

  • Triggerpoint & Myofascia Technique

  • Kinesiotaping | Functional Taping

  • Neurofeedback | Biofeedback Training

  • Med. Flossing

We discuss each case in our team of physiotherapists, doctors and sports scientists. Through collaboration and with the help of scientific evidence, we develop the best approach for you. This is of course done confidentially and we discuss our findings with you.


Marc Niering, Head of Science


Trenner Sportphysiotherapie

In a free consultation appointment, we discuss the problem that brings you to us. In doing so, we look at existing medical findings and imaging such as MRI images. Together we define what you hope to achieve from the treatment and how we can help you efficiently.

Should we take on your case at our centre, a further procedure generally looks like this:

  • In the first unit, a detailed diagnosis is made by our team, taking into account the medical findings. A physiotherapist and, depending on the case, a sports scientist or neuroscientist are always involved.
  • Afterwards, we discuss the results in our team and determine the content of the treatment. For lasting results, an average of 10-20 appointments (or 1-2 private prescriptions) are necessary.
  • Since our goal is to support you holistically and in the long term with your goals, more than 20 appointments in our centre are only possible in special individual cases.

Treatment and training in detail:

  • A session usually lasts 60 minutes and is accompanied by one of our academically graduated physiotherapists.
  • Exclusivity and absolute privacy: The training takes place in a modern and quiet atmosphere in the heart of Hanover.
  • At the end of each lesson, you will receive a video with the exercises performed. This allows you to repeat them precisely and easily at home, on a business trip or on holiday.
  • Since only regular performance of the exercises can lead to results, we assume independent performance of the home exercises by the appointment the following week.

Invoicing and insurance

Trenner Sportphysiotherapie

Prescription services are reimbursable by private health insurance companies. It is also possible to settle accounts via the state aid and as a self-payer. Before the start of therapy, you will receive a detailed fee agreement for cost transparency.
Contract athletes can also be billed via the BG.


Treatment also without prescription

Trenner Sportphysiotherapie

You can contact us initially without a prescription. We involve physicians from our team or expert network, depending on the necessity of the case, during the diagnostic process. A suitable prescription can be issued to you during this process. If you are already receiving medical treatment, we will collaborate with your doctor's office in a trustworthy manner since, in these cases, a change is seldom advisable.


Universities with whom we work together on case studies of our center:

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